20 April 2011

4 November


Just thought I should let you know that I didn’t think of you at all today. Well, except for when Carver accidentally poured orange juice on his granola at break (he had decanted the rest of his oj into one of those cafeteria milk cartons to save space in his mini-fridge. It was bound to happen). Then – after I’d finished laughing at him, of course – I thought of our X-days and that one time we decided to make every meal into a smoothie and we made those orange juice-nutrigrain-banana-vitamin-egg smoothies… those were gross. Not, however, anywhere near as gross as the avocado-cheddar-wrap-snapple-grapes travesty that constituted lunch. … heh. Oh wow, do you remember the one where we couldn’t speak English… and then you got the call from the dean, and you couldn’t … yeah. I guess you do. Anyway, so aside from that, I didn’t think about you today.  Not even when the rain was pounding on the porch roof and I unwrapped myself from the lair of my blanket and coffee and book, and decided to kidnap Erin from next door, so I stole her away from her Spongebob, and we ran out into the backyard and did cartwheels and slid down that hilly part behind the house and laid ourselves down on the splashy grass and watched the raindrops fall at us like a missile assault… not even then.  Not much. 

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